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The Shape Up Weight Loss Programme

The  Shape Up Programme

The Shape Up Programme includes six 1-1 consultations held over a period of 20 weeks which gives you time to lose the weight, establish healthier habits and keep the weight off thereafter. The programme can be adapted for men, women and children.

We take a holistic view of your health and aim to boost energy levels, self-confidence, mental health, skin, hair, blood pressure and overall wellbeing in addition to weight loss.

We aim to banish the fads, bust those myths and provide you with sound nutrition advice using normal everyday foods to support you on your journey.  The initial meeting is usually one hour and follow up consultations (appointments 2-6) are half an hour each. At the initial consultation we help you to set realistic goals and develop a tailored healthy eating plan for you to work towards. You will be asked to complete some “homework” after this meeting to help you become mentally stronger in the early stages of forming positive habits.

How much will I Lose?

Typical rates of weight loss are 1-3 lbs per week (20 – 60lbs over the duration of the programme),1 inch waist loss per month and 1% body fat per month.  If you only have ½ – 1 stone to lose, we can focus on keeping the weight off for the latter half of the programme.

Follow Up Meetings

The topics discussed in the follow up meetings are totally client led i.e. you can decide what’s more important for your individual situation.


Examples of Topics of interest:

  • Eating Well for Weight Loss
  • Healthy Portion Sizes
  • Understanding your appetite and triggers for poorer food decisions
  • Managing challenging situations
  • Eating outside of home
  • Meal planning
  • Interpreting & food amendments relevant to your blood test results
  • Mindful eating techniques
  • Lots of healthy snack options
  • Grocery shopping
  • Emotional eating
  • Libro app… are you missing any vital nutrients for overall optimal health
  • Changing mindset and behaviours
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Rescue Plans for Relapses
  • Physical Activity & Improving Fitness Levels
  • Revisions of your Personal Eating Plan
  • Weight loss maintenance
  • Liaison with your GP or Consultant if relevant & with your consent
  • Independent advice, focus on real wholesome nourishing food first.

Fees & Financial Rebates

The fee is €180 payable at the first meeting, which covers the costs of the first and second appointment and the remaining balance of €240 is payable at the third appointment, to cover the costs of appointments 3-6 . If you need to amend an appointment, please give at least 48hrs notice or a cancellation fee of €30 applies. Should you wish to extend your dietetic support beyond the 20 weeks, we offer additional consultations at a discounted rate of €45 each.  Private health insurance and Med1 tax rebate form usually covers part of the costs as we are INDI & CORU state registered Dietitians.

Breakdown receipts are available for health insurance companies to ensure you obtain the maximum rebates possible.   If you have blood test results from your GP completed within the past 12 months, please bring these along with you.

For all further enquiries or to take the first steps to feeling better,

please telephone the Secretary  (087) 680 2248  9am- 5.00pm