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The Milk Diet for Weight Loss

The Milk Diet
In recent years, the Milk Diet has been used by patients for  10-14 days prior to undergoing weight loss surgery.  Skimmed milk is usually consumed three times per day i.e. 1 pint for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some hospitals allow some natural yoghurt also but no other food is permitted.  This very low calorie diet is used under strict medical supervision as there are some health risks involved.   The aim of the calorie reduction is for the body to use up the glycogen and fat fuels stored in the liver so that the liver shrinks and makes it easier for the surgeon to access and operate on the stomach.

Why Milk? 
Skimmed milk is used because it is very low in fat and calories but also because it provides nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and B vitamins which are essential for  good health.  Interestingly, the calcium specifically in milk and dairy products has been shown to help with weight loss although additional factors in milk such as whey proteins, conjugated linoleic acid and branched chain amino acids are also thought to contribute.  These are some new studies to show that dairy calcium and whey proteins may also help improve body composition during weight loss by increasing fat loss and retaining lean muscle mass.

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Written by Ellen Roche  Dietitian, Nutri Vive  Nutrition Clinic, Kilkenny & Wexford

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