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Sports Nutrition Testimonials

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Elite Sports PerformanceCompany; Soccer Academy Athletes

 “Ellen from Nutri Vive Nutrition Clinic has worked closely with our young Elite Academy Soccer players to provide a comprehensive nutrition and hydration programme to improve their all round performance. Her advice and guidance has proved to be an invaluable part of our overall curriculum, and has undoubtedly had a positive impact on our players”
Paul Smith, Coach at Elite Sports Performance, Kilkenny.


“The advice I received from Ellen has made a huge difference to my hurling training this season. My energy levels are hugely better mainly because I was completely eating wrong things before and after training. I used to be really bad for not taking enough fluids – about four mouthfuls of water during a 90 minute training session.  My first hydration test wasn’t a surprise, I failed the first one really bad but the second one was alot better after making a few changes.
 I really hadn’t a clue how to cook something a simple as an egg never mind anything else.  Ellen helped me with recipes for college which kept me out of the chippers! I can now do a basic pasta, chicken and veg dinner which I never thought I could do. My physical strength and power are better too now that I’m eating correctly for my weight training programme. Thanks a lot.”
Patrick Portlaoise, Co. Laois.


“Thanks a million for your advice on foods for triathlon and the tips on the sports supplements.  Something simple like taking the proper amount of water with the energy gels has made a huge difference and has helped me get the most out of them”.

Michelle, Tullow, Co Carlow


“Body fat down 9% in 3 months, 2″ off  the waist and 5” off the hips/bum. Energy levels are up hugely, especially for the longer runs on a Sunday.  Six
months later I have still maintained my more slender body shape from big size 14 to size 10-12.”Sarah B. Wexford

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