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RTE Today Show – Sports Nutrition

Eat smart…….

& get the most out of your training efforts

 Benefits of good nutrition practices for sports & exercise performance
  • Provides the correct fuel for working muscles
  • Re-fuel and re-hydrate body  adequately after exercise (physical recovery from exercise)
  • Immune system; prevents coughs, colds and becoming run down
  • Boosts Energy & Stamina
  • Builds on capacity to train harder
  • Perform to best of capabilities at competitions

Nutritional requirements vary between individuals based upon age, gender, training schedule, current body weight and physiological aims (muscle gain, fat loss or weight maintenance) .

For all recipes mentioned during the show and more information, see the recipes section of the blog.

DIY Isotonic Sports Drink

Option 1:
500 ml water
500 ml unsweetened fruit juice
Pinch of salt
Option 2:
50 – 80 g sucrose
1L warm water (helps to mix the sucrose initially)
Pinch of salt
Sugar-free squash for flavour
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