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How to gain body weight and muscle

Seek Professional Advice to Weight Gain or Muscle

Are you adhering strictly to a weight training programme but just not seeing the results you would like regarding muscle gain and definition?

What foods you eat, the amounts and timing of good nutrition are critical when it comes to gaining muscle strength.
At a consultation with the Dietitian, she will discuss your goals, assess your current physique using tape, scales and body fat measurements.
Then your training schecule and current dietary habits are usually discussed.
You will then be provided with a tailored food plan which is based on what you like, what you dont like and what you are willing to try!
Clear guidance is given regarding amounts of foods and fluids required to gain muscle (and or body weight) to boost energy and keep the body in tip top shape!   Meal and snack ideas can be kept simple or as creative as you will allow!  Advice can also be provided regarding sports and nutritional supplements where relevant.  Weight gain goals / body fat / muscle circumference goals can be given so you have something to focus on and help you achieve your dream physique
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