Main Office: Nutri Vive Nutrition Consultancy, No. 49 John St, Kilkenny, Ireland
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How Consultations Work

How Consultations Work with Ellen Roche

Consultations with the Dietitian are typically structured as follows:

Initial Consultation (1 hour)

Listening to your own aims and objectives

Discussing your health or nutritional concerns to gain an understanding of your individual situation.

Medications or supplements which you are taking are noted.

Measurements such as Weight, Height, Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference and Body Fat (Tanita weighing scales) are usually recorded.  Removal of shoes and socks are required for accurate recording of measurement.

Comprehensive dietary assessment.

The nutritional advice combined with a personalised meal plan can be tailored to your individual needs, cooking skills, food likes and dislikes etc. ensuring the diet is well balanced and provides your body with all of the nutrients it requires to be healthy.

All consultations are held in private and all matters discussed with the Dietitian are strictly confidential.

Follow up Consultations (30mins)

Eating habits are reviewed, body measurements are often rechecked and further diet or lifestyle guidance is provided to help achieve personal goals.

Follow up appointments can help clients stay focussed on what they are trying to achieve and assist in maintaining the dietary changes for the long-term.