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Fertility Optimisation

Ellen has been working with clients to maximise their fertility, manage conditions like low sperm count, low AMH, Endometriosis and PCOS for several years.  In 2023, Ellen completed the intense two month course at ELNA Fertility Nutrition Course Australia to become one of very few Fertility Specialist Dietitians practicing in Ireland.  The training was amazing and I look forward to sharing this wealth of knowledge with you in a very practical and individualised manner.

It takes approx. 5 months for eggs and 3½ months for sperm to mature in preparation for conception this month. Therefore, it makes good sense to start a pre-conception plan at least 3 months, ideallly 6 months prior to trying to conceive. You wouldn’t run a marathon without some planning and a detailed strategy, so the same applies to conception and pregnancy!   Nonethless, we can help you regardless of the stage you are at… just thinking about getting pregnant over the next year or two or perhaps you are embarking on another round of IVF.  We want to give you the best chance possible to conceive and deliver a healthy baby.

Assisted Reproduction; IUI, IVF  we acknowledge can be extremely stressful.  The good news is that can trust us to work with you to tailor a nutrition plan to help enhance success rates for getting pregnant faster.  We can liase with your fertility clinic if necessary.


Ellen will work with you as an individual or couple to draw up a personalised action plan or strategy for optimising your health. The plan with be developed taking into consideration your medical history, food preferences, activity levels and your work / life schedule.  We can advise you regarding the prescription of evidence based supplements if relevant and of benefit to your unique situation.  There is so much misinformation surrounding fertility and nutrition it can become quite confusing to decipher what is correct for you.  Whether you are just starting out on trying to conceive or have been on this road for many years, we want to help you to move forward in the right direction. Contact the office to discuss in confidence…