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Eating Disorders

As eating disorders comprise both psychological and physiological components, treatments should combine expertise in both with health professionals understanding the nutritional and physiological effects these disorders can have.

Dietitians have an essential role within multidisciplinary teams and are involved in the assessment, treatment and monitoring of patients with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

As poor eating patterns and unhealthy views surrounding food are primarily symptoms of eating disorders, not the cause, dietary concerns can be addressed by a Dietitian leaving other health professionals to deal with the underlying issues of the eating disorder.

Dietitians specialise in assessing nutritional requirements and are up to date in latest nutritional information:

  • Design and review nutrition plans
  • Monitor weight and amend nutritional plans as appropriate
  • Works collaboratively with her clients to set realistic and achievable diet and weight goals.
  • Liaise with and support families as required upon consent of the client.

Contact the clinic if you feel you would like some professional advice and help with your disordered eating