Main Office: Nutri Vive Nutrition Consultancy, No. 49 John St, Kilkenny, Ireland
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Coeliac Disease & The Gluten Free Diet

We are professional members of the Coeliac Society of Ireland and can provide professional dietary advice and recommendations about what to eat, available food products, places to shop and eat out locally.

The clinic also advises on food labelling, cross contamination, cooking without gluten and ensuring your diet is well balanced, whether you are newly diagnosed or an experienced campaigner.

Dietitians play a key role for people who have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, as they can evaluate a client’s potential, current and future dietary nutrient deficiencies, while also educating them on how to maintain a strict Gluten- Free Diet with provision of healthy alternatives to gluten.

Recent research shows that frequent follow- up meetings with the Dietitian in the first year of diagnosis is highly recommended, in order to optimize the chance of dietary adherence and monitor nutritional intake. Once the disease is stable and the diet is followed without problems, an annual dietetic review is recommended.

Ellen Roche, Dietitian at Nutri Vive  Nutrition Consultancy was asked to speak at the anual Coeliac Society Conference of 2012 in Kilkenny. Her topic was entitled “The application of the new Low FODMAP nutrition approach for IBS and functional digestive disorders in Coeliac Disease.  The diet (in conjunction with a gluten free diet) helps relieve abdominal bloating, pain, cramps, constipation, diarrhoea and excessive wind.  It originated in Monash University, Melbourne Australia and then made its way to London where Ellen undertook advanced training in this revolutionary approach.